is a Special Event Callsign in Conjunction of the Malaysia 64th Independence Day operated by Amateur Radio Station from Pahang Darul Makmur

QRV on 27th August 2021 – 1st September 2021

Band: HF, VHF & UHF | Mode: CW, SSB, FM SAT, FT8 & ROIP

Operated by:

27th August 2021 – 9W2EVR, 9W2RPW, 9M2SAL

28th August 2021 – 9M4CDM [Club Callsign: Persatuan Rekreasi Radio Amatur Pahang – RIADAH] Op: 9M2MUS, 9M2SAL, 9W2ZHD

29th August 2021 – 9M4CPH [Club Callsign: State of Pahang Amateur Radio Society – PERAMAH] Op: 9M2RAS, 9M2NM, 9M2SAL, 9W2RYY, 9W2TMX, 9W2SZW

30th August 2021 – 9W2RPW, 9M2SAL

31st August 2021 – 9W2RPW, 9M2SAL

1st September 2021 – 9W2RPW, 9M2SAL

In Collaboration with Malaysian Amateur Radio Transmitters’ Society (MARTS), A member of International Amateur Radio Union (IARU)

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